I have been capturing moments, since I was much younger than I am today.

Everyone in my (auto)focus, or at least those guys who’ve been able to speak up for themselves, asked me when they can get their hands on the pictures. I got sick ‘n tired of repeating, that they’ll see them some moment in time. Well, I guess that the moment is very close now. They can view them, as long as they have a computer, a smartphone, a tablet or any kind of device capable to connect to the internet and reach www.andor.ro.

This way I’ll escape their never ending questions about how/when/who can see these photos. Did I say never ending? C’mon, I’m not that famous or popular, just the guy behind the lens, who happened to be around. People said they would like to see my creations, so, go ahead and watch the world through my lens.

Anyone can do it, as long as they have some time, an image capturing device and interest in everything around us. Be my guest!